Public Bodies

Our new online forms can be accessed by clicking on the Privacy Breach Checklist and Time Extension Application links in the left hand navigation menu.

Time Extensions

Public bodies can apply for a time extension on an existing access request. Time extension requests must be submitted at least 3 business days before the time limit for responding to the request (as set out in sections 7 and 10 of FIPPA) has expired.

Time extension decisions will be made based on the information supplied, therefore public bodies should ensure the information submitted is both complete and accurate.

Click here to review the time extension guidelines for public bodies.

Privacy Breach Checklist

Public bodies who contact our office to report a privacy breach must complete this form.

Breach Notification Assessment Tool

The Information and Privacy Commissioners for British Columbia and Ontario have jointly produced this tool to assist you in making key decisions after a privacy breach occurs. The tool is published as part of a broader toolkit to assist you in the event of a privacy breach.