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Individuals Information about your rights

Want to know more about your privacy and access rights? Who can help you with your request for records? Where can you turn when your privacy is in jeopardy?

We break it down into easy-to-use instructions and explanations.

Start here for an introduction to your privacy and access rights in the Province of B.C.
Want a copy of your personal information? What about public records? Learn how to request access to what you need.
Unsatisfied with the response to your access request? This simple and easy guide takes you through our review process from start to finish.
Made a request for information? Complained about your privacy? If your concern was not resolved, here’s what to do next.
From promoting a more open government to protecting your privacy, the Commissioner enforces BC’s privacy and access laws.
Not sure where to start? Contact us to get more information or find out how we can help.